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Wordpress Panorama Plugin

CMS for Quicktime Panoramas

Quicktime Panorama plugin for Wordpress

Most people know that Wordpress is a very popular blog application which allows you to easily publish content.

Look at the Wordpress site here: Wordpress

There are plenty of nice templates available for Wordpress, just Google for Wordpress Templates.

I wrote this little Quicktime Panorama Wordpress plugin for Panorama Photographers who like an easy content management system for publishing their full screen Quicktime Panoramas. Current version of the plugin is 0.1 (beta).

All you need is a directory where you upload your Quicktime Panoramas and an accompanying thumbnail, and use a simple tag in your Wordpress post to display the thumbnail and link to the fullscreen Panorama. You need to download two zip files to use this plugin, please read below.

See a sample Blog here: (dead link), please go here:

Installation Instructions

Based on this:

First download and install Wordpress on your domain, and make sure it works like it should. For all information about the use of Wordpress see the Wordpress site.

Then, create a new direcory in the same directory as where your blog has been installed. This is where your Panoramas (and thumbnails) will be residing. Name it panoramas, or something similar.

Then download this little zip file: Panorama Plugin

The zip file contains the Wordpress plugin, and you will need to configure some of the variables in this file to make the plugin work on your domain. Unzip the file, and in the panoblog directory you will find a file named panoblog.php. Open it with your favourite text editor, you will need to edit three variables there.

The first looks like this:

$pano_url = "";

This should be the domain of your blog, and the directory you created earlier to store your panoramas. If your domain is and the directory you created is fullscreens it should look like this:

$pano_url = "";

The second looks like this:

$pano_location = "/panoramas/";

This should the directory, relative to the root of domain where your blog is installed. If we take the sample from above, this should be:

$pano_location = "/fullscreens/";

The thirth looks like this:

$abs_pano_location = "See Above";

You will need to change this to the absulute server path of the directory you just have created.

For a local (windows) php server use something like this:

$abs_pano_location = "d:\\web\\www\\yourdomain\\fullscreens\\";

For Linux / Unix servers something like this:

$abs_pano_location ="/var/www/virtual/";

If you don't know your absolute server path, create a php file in the directory you have created with this content : <? phpinfo(); ?> and open it in your browser. Scroll down, and look at the SCRIPT_FILENAME variable.

After you have edited the panoblog.php, upload the panoblog folder containing this file to your Wordpress plugin directory.

Open your Wordpress Admin Dashboard, and select the Plugins page. Activate the plugin.

Now download this zip file: Panorama Folder Contents

And place the contents of this zip in the panorama directory you have created.

This file contains a javascript to avoid ActiveX activation warnings, and a simple php template to display your fullscreens.

This should complete the installation.

Uploading your Panoramas

You can now upload your Panoramas to the Panorama directory. You will have to create a thumbnail with the same name as your uploaded Panorama. If your Panorama is named "", the thumbnail should be named "darknightpolepano.jpg". Please resize the thumbnails so that they fit in your blog template.

Don't use any fancy filenames, use names without spaces and funny characters.

Showing the Panoramas in your posts

Just write a new post for your blog, you probably want to describe the pano you are going to show.

At the end of the post, use these "tags": [panos]darknightpolepano[/panos]

These tags will show the thumbnail from your Panorama directory and when people click on this thumbnail, a new window with the fullscreen Panorama will be shown.

You can use the tag, to show multiple Panoramas in your Wordpress post.

If you have uploaded these Panoramas in your Panorama folder: (with longpolepano.jpg as thumb) (with shortpolepano.jpg as thumb) (with underwater.jpg as thumb)

You can use [panos]longpolepano,shortpolepano,underwater[/panos] and all three Pano thumbs will be shown with links to their fullscreens.


If you use this free software, please put a link to on your site. Thanks.

Please use the forum for questions, bug reports or just to tell that you use this plugin and show off your site. Plugin Forum (dead link)

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