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CheathamLane Berkeley California


Apo Island 360 Rage Panoramas

Apo Island

Apo Island - Mindanao Sea

Apo Island - Apo Island is a 72-hectare volcanic rock situated in the
Mindanao Sea (09.05N, 123.15E). Home to eight hundred plus people, of whom
three hundred and fifty (and increasing) are children.

The Apo people are
simple fisher folk mostly dependant on fishing and the fishing way of life
for their income food and life style. The island has a marine sanctuary and
a lighthouse. For more information, please visit:

Additional related VRs at:

Canon EOS350D, Sigma 10-20mm, PTGui.

View Apo Island Spherical Panorama with :

Deval VR (Win Only) or SPI-v Shockwave or Immervision Java Applet or PTViewer Java Applet

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