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Panorama Hardware and Heads

Hardware Listings and your Reviews

Panorama Hardware listings, ready to be reviewed by you. Learn what hardware may be the right choice for you. If you use the hardware listed here, don't hesitate to review it, people may benefit from your opinion.

If you know any hardware that needs a place here, send a message with the contact form to us.

PanoMachine Version 3.1 Automatic Rotating VR Head

An automatic Panorama VR head, suitable for high speed panorama photography. Works with all standard SLR cameras, including the new Canon EOS 1DS Mark III and Nikon D3. Also suitable for use..... Read More..
PanoMachine Version 3.1

Panorama Vista Bracket  3 user reviews

Panorama Vista Bracket The Vista bracket can be used for many compact digital cameras up to digital cameras such as the Canon 1DS series. The Vista panorama bracket can also be used with al..... Read More..
Vista Panorama Bracket

BoPhoto FishEye Panorama Bracket

Panorama Bracket by BoPhoto BoPhoto produces laser cut light weight Wooden Panorama Brackets for various lenses. Difference between "ordinary" brackets and the BoPhoto brackets is that the..... Read More..
BoPhoto Panorama Bracket

Pinnacle VR Panorama Head

Basically, this system will work with any camera that has its tripod hole in the center of the lens' optical axis. This covers most digital cameras currently available. The camera platform c..... Read More..
Pinnacle VR Head

Novoflex Panorama Head  1 user reviews

Novoflex, a German company, produces, besides ballheads and other accessories, a Panorama VR system. The VR System has two items, a Panorama Plate with locking screw and bubble level for ro..... Read More..
Novoflex Panorama Head

RoundShot by Seitz Switzerland  1 user reviews

Roundshot is the family name for a range of products by Seitz Phototechnik AG from Switzerland. The products of this company range from a VR Head without horizontal rotater (on the picture t..... Read More..

Agnos Mrotator Panorama Equipment

Agnos, an Italian company, has several products available for producing panoramic pictures, ranging from simple Panorama heads for cylinder panoramas to a one shot Panorama head that hold th..... Read More..
Agnos Mrotator

Nodal Ninja Panorama Head  5 user reviews

The Nodal Ninja version 3 is a light-weight panorama head which allows the user to shoot full spherical panoramas without parallax error with most modern digital cameras. The head consists ..... Read More..
Nodal Ninja

Really Right Stuff Modular Pano Equipment  3 user reviews

RRS produces various parts that can be combined to Panorama Heads with different functions. The base of all combinations is a panning base (PCL-1) with integrated Arca style clamp and bubble..... Read More..
Really Right Stuff

Kaidan Panorama Heads

Kaidan produces two families of panorama heads. The Kiwi series, suitable for single row panoramas, and the QuickPan a multi row spherical panorama head. The Kiwi supports different click d..... Read More..
Kaidan Heads

Panoscan High Resolution Panorama Camera

The Panoscan MK-3 is a dedicated panoramic camera designed for rugged use. The MK-3 can scan a full 360 degree low resolution image in less than 8 seconds. Panoscan MK-3 images can be presen..... Read More..
Panoscan Panorama Camera

3Sixty Peace River Panorama Head

The Peace River Panorama Head allows cameras to be mounted in both portrait and landscape positions. The head can be rotated freely, or with indexing intervals of 20 or 30 degrees. Seperate ..... Read More..
PeaceRiver 3sixty Head

Kingpano Spherical Panorama Tripod Head

The Kingpano Panorama Head is made from black acrylic, uses stainless steel screws and zinc coated carriage bolts. The head allows you to create spherical panoramas with most popular camer..... Read More..
Kingpano Panorama Head

Panosaurus Spherical Panorama Head  1 user reviews

The Panosaurus head is constructed of 3/4" and 1/2" Expanded lightweight PVC plastic. The rotator arm has been reinforced with aluminum strips. The upright metal arm is made of 3/16" inflexi..... Read More..
Panosaurus Panohead

360 Precision Panorama Head  12 user reviews

The 360Precision Panorama head is a full spherical panorama head, available for different camera model and lens combinations. In contrary with other other panorama heads the 360 Precision is..... Read More..

Manfrotto 303SPH Spherical Panorama Head

The Manfrotto 303SPH is a multi-row panoramic photography head. It has sliding plates to locate the camera over the panoramic axis of rotation, plus a sliding plate which rotates around the ..... Read More..
Manfrotto 303SPH

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