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360 Rage Panoramas Reviews

Nodal Ninja Panorama Head

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Nodal NinjaThe Nodal Ninja version 3 is a light-weight panorama head which allows the user to shoot full spherical panoramas without parallax error with most modern digital cameras.

The head consists of 3 detachable / colapsable rails with numerical indicators, and has a built in bubble level.

The newest Nodal Ninja version 3 has a reversible detent plate allowing 0 or 12 degree rotation stops. Addtional detent plates of 15/18 degrees, 20/24 degrees, and 45/60 degrees are sold seperatly.

The Nodal Ninja version 3 fits on 3/8 and 1/4 inch tripod threads. (older versions only on 1/4 inch threads)

The head weighs about 525 grams (14 oz.) and comes with a carrying case.

2 years warranty

Retail Price US$ 159.95 / US$ 199

Older Nodal Ninja SPH-2L US$ 139.95


Disclaimer: The information on this page may not represent all features and possiblities of this product. For the full range of features of this product look at the manufacturer website.

Average user rating : 9.4  Average value for money rating : 10.0

User Reviews:

Dennis Angelica said on December 23, 2006: Rating 10 and reviewed:

This is perfect example of value for dollar spent. After my camera fell off a lesser expensive model I need something a bit more reliable. Nodal Ninja fit the bill perfectly. I do Real Estate Virtual Tours and use the head exclusively. Its lightweight, easy to setup and use and very dependable. I highly recommend this head. DA

@lphons said on January 26, 2007: Rating 9 Value for money 10, and reviewed:

Good value for money. I use the NN3 since december 2006 and its a pitty I didnt get it earlier. Quick setup. I use it with my Canon 30D and 5D. Not suitable for the high end DSLR (like Canon Mark II a.o) Great service from dealer.

David Little said on March 21, 2007: Rating 9 and reviewed:

RE: Nodal Ninja version#3 Excellent value for the money - no doubt the best in the market for this price range. I own Kaidan and sorry I didnt learn of Nodal Ninja before I bought it. All the same features at hundreds less. I say YES to buying Ninja Ninja if you plan on doing any type of panoramas.

Richard Chamberlain said on March 30, 2007: Rating 9 and reviewed:

I have the Nodal Ninja SPH-2L and have been very happy with the purchase. First rate support for a first rate product. No need to spend hundreds more when the Nodal Ninja will do all you need! Awesome product!

Charles Hendrick said on August 8, 2007: Rating 10 and reviewed:

NN3 is perfect for me. Its lightweight and supports my D200 perfectly. Bill has been super quick and goes out his way to answer my questions. There is no other product that comes close to the value for dollar spent. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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