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360 Rage Panoramas Reviews

360 Precision Panorama Head

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360PrecisionThe 360Precision Panorama head is a full spherical panorama head, available for different camera model and lens combinations. In contrary with other other panorama heads the 360 Precision is only suitable for ONE camera / lens combination, but by ordering addtional parts, the head can be made suitable for other combinations.

Look at the website of 360Precision to see if your camera and lens are supported, most popular models are however.

According to the manufacturers of the head, the 360P is very suitable for batch stitching, since the head is very precise and therefore gives perfectly repeatable results, which can be stitched by using templates.

The Panorama head fits on 1/4" and 3/8" tripod mounts and is designed to take 10kg loads. You will find a built in bubble head as well.

High quality INA bearings are used, as well as other high quality materials.

The 360P head comes with a 3 year guarantee.

Prices are quoted in English Pounds, and vary
between GBP 490 and GBP 545, depending on model.

(at the time of writing this was between US$ 900 and US$ 1000.)

If you change camera and / or lens there are upgrade kits are available for GBP 125. (230 USD)


Submitted reviews for the 360precision Panorama head will not be published anymore. The reviews that still are published here, are surrounded by controversy. I have received numerous complaints from the 360precision company about the reviews, and even a threat. They also have asked for email addresses from people posting bad reviews. It is also my believe, that 360precision is now actively asking people to post positive reviews. I don't want to be caught in the middle of something. I have also posted my own review here, and I still stand fully behind it, but I cannot guarantee the objectivity anymore of some of the others, and therefore this section of reviews has now been closed. You can still post, but they will be deleted.

Disclaimer: The information on this page may not represent all features and possiblities of this product. For the full range of features of this product look at the manufacturer website.

Average user rating : 5.3  Average value for money rating : 5.8

User Reviews:

Andrey Ilyin 1drey said on July 18, 2006: Rating 8 Value for money 9, and reviewed:

It is solid. I mean really solid, like rock. Ready to operate in 30 seconds required to attach camera to the head. Very convinient in work, allows templates and HDR easily. If you need professional reliable result - take it, it worth every cent.

Bert said on October 31, 2006: Rating 5 Value for money 7, and reviewed:

After a very positive, nice and helpful first contact with 360precision I became dissappointed. Price wise and according to the claims on the website I expected a high quality product, but the head that I received had a little play. During a chat session I was told not to be so picky.... Also I didn't receive the indent ring that I ordered (Oh, we didn't have the right one when you ordered, we have it now though :) they said), and while they promised to send me the one I ordered for free, this was later forgotten, and I had to convince them again that they made a mistake, but they didn't make me feel they felt responsible for their error, they gave me the feeling that I was a pain the ass.... I ordered an upgrade for a new camera, (EOS 5D) but the arm didn't fit the camera. When I informed them, they immediately promised to send me a new one, but even after asking a few times, I am still waiting, for over 8 months now. I solved the problem by adding an extra ring below the mount. Hows that for precision? They also promised to send replacements for the rusting bolts of my 360precision, but never did. There is also quite a difference in the prices they charge for shipping and the prices that are listed on the shipping company's website. I am pretty tired of communicating with 360precision, and I am not the only one that finds them arrogant, difficult and unprecise... Emails don't get answered, and they always seem to have some excuse for not doing so. Shipments have been mixed up, or incomplete. I once found theme on a public forum found them whining about how bad they were treated by the VR Community, well, you only have to blame yourself guys. Its not cheap product, and one should expect a good and friendly service.... Now they have this new 360precision Adjuste, which looks interesting, (and contradicts some of the reasons the gave me why the 360precision is what it is) and I am afraid ordering it... Although I have rusting bolts, some play, and had to add a ring to make my camera fit, the 360precision works well for me. I never was able to make a good template for my 350D and Sigma 8mm, but with the EOS 5D and Sigma 15mm most of the stitches come from a template. I just wish somebody else made it.....

Jim said on November 10, 2006: Rating 0 Value for money 0, and reviewed:

I tried to order a 360 precision and was told to send my order to orders(A) I did but never got a response back. I tried the next day again, no response. I emailed matthew(A) about the problem. He just tells me to send it again. I sent it again, still no response. Its been over a 10 days now. I tried leaving a voice mail via Skype. NO RESPONSE! I give up. I agree with the post above. They are arrogant and difficult to deal with.

Jim said on November 14, 2006: Rating 10 Value for money 10, and reviewed:

I had trouble ordering from them at first. I emailed them multiple times but never heard back for 10 days. Not sure why but my emails never got to them. Just by chance I saw they were online with MSN Messenger and asked them why they havent responded. He said that they never got the order. I think they maybe having issues with their spam blocking software. They seem to think its a problem on my end, but I haven't had any trouble emailing others. I sent a test email to them while chatting and he verified that he didn't get it. So I sent it using Yahoo mail and they finally got the order. I found customer service to be excellent after the technical glitch was solved. He was courteous and prompt in processing the order and it arrived in just 3 days. I gave them a 10 since I gave them a 0 last time to make up the difference. I give the product a 9, but customer service only a 5 this time. They need to have some way for customers to get in touch with them. I tried email, and Skype and for a long time they were not available via Messenger, so the blame for poor customer service is on them. No matter what the reason they never received my email.

jk said on February 5, 2007: Rating 0 and reviewed:

I must say ordering from this company is a pain. I have been trying to obtain some information before making a purchase and getting a response is like pulling teeth. It is unfortunate that some of the people at this company are so arrogant and overly sensitive. I have found numerous posts on the internet where the one owner will argue and whine like a big baby. I don't want to buy from them but what can you do when they offer such a superior product I guess that is why they can neglect acting in a friendly professional customer driven manner.

Mark said on February 22, 2007: Rating 9 and reviewed:

I have to say that I ordered the adjuste panoramic head just before Christmas 2006 and did not have any problems with them. Communications were good and I was sent an immediate PayPal cheque. As soon as this had cleared I got the head (being in UK and impatient I picked it up in person). I subsequently ordered an additional detent which was also sent out as soon as they were back in stock. In relation to the head itself, I find it very easy to setup and use. Although use with a template is not really possible, the results from PTGui have been quick to create and accurate. I am hoping the new pin registered plates they are developing for the adjuste will make things a little easier.

Robert said on March 7, 2007: Rating 2 and reviewed:

I ordered and received my Adjuste360 from 360 in November/December 2006. Although initially things seemed to go well, although slow, I was fairly pleased when I got it... but the extra step rings were missing something I need for several assignments, now due.... The Adjuste works well, is solid and a truly well manufactured head that can withstand the D2X hanging from it in the rough..... Unfortunately I originally ordered what I needed: the Adjuste, and all available rings, plus an absolutely imperative 18 step ring (according to the website is not standard, but can be made to order). After the money was collected by 360 (this is where they shine!), and only the Adjuste was shipped (with a 12 step ring) communications died, and any and all my request fell on deaf ears. I still do not have any of the the required rings (I NEED the 18 step ring NOW). So I am now back to the Manfrotto 19112 step head, which works, but it is a disappointment. Service-wise 360 is deaf, if your need any augmentation, advise, rings, repair on your gadget you are out of luck. A great head that is not recommended for professional use because of the total lack of service.

Simon Davidson said on March 9, 2007: Rating 0 Value for money 2, and reviewed:

I found this site when researching the product, not sure I would touch it at the prices they are asking! I put this link in the Your website section so you can link to it! Simon

Kjell Are Refsvik said on April 7, 2007: Rating 9 and reviewed:

Hi. I have used the original 360Precision Absolute since the launch a few years back and have now gotten the 360Adjuste for my Canon 20D/10-22 setup. I find it saddening to hear about your negative experiences with 360 service. My experiences have been positive so far - having added spare parts/upgrades for both my heads a couple of times. The equipment as well as the service has been top notch. One of the packages lacked correct screws once, but I promptly got a FedEx package with the correct parts when informing them about the mishap.

Roger said on May 25, 2007: Rating 1 and reviewed:

A very disappointing product; the 360precision Adjuste is the worst VR product I have invested in and certainly the most over-hyped. When the cost of a panoramic head is greater than a good Nikon and many times more than VR software and other heads, one would expect nothing less than the highest quality and first class support. There are, however, so many mediocre points about the 360 Precision that it would take a couple of pages to cover them all. The clearest are: sloppy camera arm stops, no method to precisely lock the camera in place (see Karl Harrisons reengineering of the 360 Precision Adjuste), very few of the features Matthew Rogers promised in his pre-release announcement in the VR forums, unsuitable for serious users, no customer support. On top of everything else, I found them a really lousy company to deal with after the money had been collected - petulant, bizarrely self-important, very quick to criticise software developers and other head manufacturers, yet thoroughly inefficient and time-wasting. Im not sure what 360Precisions contribution is to the VR community apart from taking money, preaching and wasting time. Im looking for a NN3 now. I think this is a useful forum to warn others about their experiences.

Barre Ludvigsen said on June 12, 2007: Rating 9 Value for money 9, and reviewed:

The fixed panheads from 360 Precision are topnotch products. I have been making QTVR panoramas since the early years of Apples QTVR Authoring suite with a variety of panheads, but these are the best. Have used fixed heads from 360 Precision with the Canon 5D and a 17-40 at 17mm, 5D and 15mm, an Epson R-D1 with a CV 12mm and a Leica M8 with CV 12mm. The heads are easy to set up and easy to use. Last summer we generated 250 panoramas from templates with absolutely no problems. ( They also take care of difficult shots like this night time sky: 360 Precision have provided separate parts adapting one head to different cameras from scans and sketches with no problems. I find the odd mishap in shipment to be a minor nuisance as compared to the miserable support offered by some of the software companies we are forced to use in order to generate some great panoramas. Considering the time saved and reliable results in generating large numbers of panoramas from the same rig over time, 360 provide an excellent product.

David Palermo said on June 14, 2007: Rating 10 Value for money 10, and reviewed:

Having been involved in virtual tours since their inception I have had the opportunity to try out a lot of equipment. I have recently been trying out the 360 Precision head and it is by far my favorite panoramic head! All of the heads I have used over the years are nice and functional but the 360Precision goes above and beyond nice and functional. I travel a LOT and its very important to have a panoramic head that doesnt lose its settings when being bumped around in an airplane or a car. Its not very fun finding the nodal point every time I think my pano head is off. Id rather concentrate on my creativity and create the shot without worrying about the nodal point. The 360Precision lets me do just that. It doesnt get in the way of creativity. And its built to pro quality standards - 100% solid and totally reliable. The staff at 360Precision are very knowledgeable about their products as well as various software packages that support their products. I have always gotten great support from them whenever I needed it. I am in the USA and they are in the UK and I still get a quick response considering the time difference. Im always looking forward to new products from 360Precision. Keep up the great work! David Palermo - Former Product Manager for QuickTime VR at Apple Computer, Inc. and founder of

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