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Eolas Microsoft ActiveX Patent

Workaround Script for Embed Activation Warnings

Since a short while it is nescessary for users of the latest Internet Explorer Versions to activate embedded content such as Quicktime Movies, Flash Movies, Java Applets, Windows Media and Shockwave Director by a mouse click and are warned with these messages: Click to run an ActiveX control on this webpage or Click to activate and use this control

Read here more about the patent problems:

There have been plenty of solutions posted, and 360 Rage Panoramas provides this online solution for translating your embed code to a code that does not require activation clicks from your users. The basic requirement for any script that circumvents activation clicks is that the embedded ActiveX content should be presented to the browser by an external script, and this is what our online translation solution does.(if your embedded ActiveX does not already contain javascript!)

First it requires that you put a script with the single line of content below in the server directory where your active content resides and name this script writecontrol.js:


If you rather download this one line java script file click here: No Activation Java Script

Then, paste the code of your current embed code, anything including and
between <object .....> and </object> (or <applet .....> and </applet> in case
of a java applet) in the form below and press Make Java Script.

Then replace the embed code on your webpage with the code this webpage has made of it. The resulting code also works for users who have java script disabled, but the users then still have to activate the ActiveX content with a mouse click.

Paste Your Current Embed Code Above

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