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360 degree Panorama Listing Dasha Pano Lesson

Dasha Pano Lesson

Dasha Pano Lesson Bali

Dasha, of the Bali Expat Forum, wanted a Panorama Photography lesson. Unfortunately we had little time, so this is the only shot. Its his EOS 30D with my Sigma 8mm 3.5 on my Nodal Ninja with Manfrotto 300n rotater. Just a quickie, of course fully auto with PTGui.

View Dasha Pano Lesson Spherical Panorama with :

Deval VR (Win Only) or SPI-v Shockwave or Immervision Java Applet or PTViewer Java Applet

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Panoramas from Photographers all over the world, presented in various display formats. You will find some details about the photographer, the way the panorama was made and, if available, a link to a fullscreen panorama on the photographers site.

If you want your panorama here, please get in touch through the contact form. Format is 2000 x 1000 pixel equirectalinear jpg, of around 300kb.

You are kindly invited to share you Panorama on this site. Get in contact with the Contact Form

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